October 24, 2016

Emergency Gas work in the Pines/Riverside

Update from National Grid:

Crews are continuing to work on the damaged gas pipe, and in the Point of Pines/Riverside area. They need to turn off gas meters of all affected customers.
Once they do that and once the damaged gas pipe is repaired, National Grid can go back in, turn on gas meters and re-light pilots. However, all meters need to be turned off first -- and if they are unable to get in, as a last resort they may go in to some homes with a locksmith and a police officer to shut the service. PLEASE contact National Grid at 1-800-732-3400 if possible and arrange for someone to be at your house by the late afternoon/early evening to let workers in.
National Grid will be available for customer service all through the night - 1-800-732-3400 via phone, or via their on-site emergency command center which is located at the Point of Pines Yacht Club.
Once the gas line is repaired and all meters have been shut off, service can be turned on throughout the night if the line gets repaired. However, crews will not go door-to-door if it gets too late; you will need to contact NGrid customer service overnight. We anticipate being able to get service restored in the morning.
If you are in need of assistance from public safety officials at any point, including due to not having gas service overnight, you may go to the Point of Pines Fire Station, which is opened and activated and will remain open through the night.

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