July 7, 2017

Beach Cleaning Event with Heavy Equipment..

Hi Everyone,

Good news...we are having our Beach Cleaning Event this Saturday, tomorrow, July 8th, at 8 am meeting in the Point of Pines Yacht Club parking lot. As always, please wear appropriate shoes and gloves. We will have trash bags and extra gloves available as well. Donnie Goodwin, head of the DPW in Revere, has responded and Steve Caruso, a local business owner, will meet us tomorrow with a front-end loader, a dump truck, and two workmen. This will be extremely helpful for us to load the heavy items that wash up on our beach. Please spread the word and join us tomorrow if you are able to. We will have coffee, water, & munchkins at the end meeting spot near our POPBA sign board on the other end of Rice Avenue. Feel free to join us even if you are only able to socialize.

Thanks for the help,

Laurie Nalesnik