July 10, 2017

Point Of Pines Beach Association - Summer 2017 - First Major Beach Cleanup!

On Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 8am, the Point Of Pines Beach Association (POPBA) had it’s first ‘major’ Summer Beach Cleanup of the year. We had a front end loader, a dump truck, and two men assisting us in removing all the bags of debris collected and picked up from the previous weeks by many of our Board Members and volunteers, as well as the additional debris from the 3rd of July.

This cleanup was lead by Laurie Nalesnik, our second Vice President who does an outstanding job coordinating everything we need from supplies of bags and gloves, etc., to coffee, munchkins and ice cold water at the end of our cleanup. Great job Laurie! We all very much appreciate you and thank you so much for all you do for the POPBA!

A few very important points. It’s important for everyone to know about how and when we do these major beach cleanups. We usually do these major beach cleanups ‘three’ times a year: July, August and September. Also, we usually try to schedule this first ‘major’ beach cleanup ASAP ‘after’ the 3rd of July festivities. These major beach cleanups are extremely expensive and can run anywhere between $800-$1200 each.
This year we at the POPBA are extremely fortunate that Mayor Brain Arrigo’s office introduced Steve Caruso to us. Steve is the owner of Caruso Corporation right here in Revere. When I met with Steve on the beach this morning, I purposely reviewed with him before he began, how much it would cost and how he wanted us to pay him. When he found out how we met and how badly we here in the POPBA need him, he said: “I can’t charge the City or the POPBA for this, I will do it for the POPBA for NO Charge! He also said: I will be here for your next two clean ups as well, the one in August and the other in September, again, on me!”
Wow! This is so wonderful. It’s people like Mayor Arrigo’s office and Steve Caruso that will help us to bring our beach and community to higher levels of cleanliness, safety, success, neighborliness and community. To Mayor Brian Arrigo’s office and Steve Caruso, I know I speak for everyone here in the Point of Pines Beach Association when I say, Thank You so very much for caring and assisting us in keeping our beautiful beach clean and safe for all our POPBA Members to enjoy!
Gary Ferragamo
President- Point of Pines Beach Association (POPBA)