September 8, 2017

Beach Cleaning Saturday September 9, 8AM

Hi Everyone,

It's our final scheduled Saturday morning Beach Cleaning Event of the Summer. Saturday, September 9 at 8AM.

Steve Caruso, Owner of Caruso Corporation in Revere, will be bringing us, for the third month in a row and totally free of charge, a front end loader tractor, dump truck and two guys to run them both. We are hopeful that he will also be able to bring us the Beach Rake which will pick up seaweed and other nasty stuff.

BJ's Wholesale Club in Revere. Gary is in the process of signing up BJ's Wholesale Club to our Discounts & Perks program. Gary has also chatted with the General Manager there and BJ's will also be donating lots of pastry, cookies, Danish and muffins, etc., for the volunteers to enjoy after our Saturday morning clean up.

As always we start in the Point of Pines yacht Club at 8am sharp, and we end up at the corner of Rice and Chamberlain where we'll have water, coffee and goodies to be enjoyed by all.

Please wear appropriate shoes and gloves. We will have trash bags and extra gloves available as well.

Please spread the word and join us. You can start anywhere on the beach and meet up with us. Feel free to join us at Rice and Chamberlain even if you are only able to socialize and meet other members, as well as Steve and his crew, Gary, Laurie, and most of the Directors and Officers.

Thanks for the help,